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The Development Direction of CNC Stone Processing Equipment

Author:Foshan Zhongsheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2023-06-21 20:31:56

CNC machining equipment for stone materials

The largest number of CNC stone processing equipment exhibited at the exhibition was CNC stone processing equipment. Although many multi-functional and multi-dimensional CNC machining centers were still exhibited at the exhibition, the situation of multi-functional CNC machining centers dominating the world seen in previous exhibitions is no longer the same. Single function CNC machining centers have added brilliance to the CNC stone processing equipment exhibited. These CNC equipment include CNC high-pressure water sheet cutting equipment, single function CNC machining equipment for table panels, automatic forming and polishing CNC equipment for sheet metal irregular edges. These CNC stone processing equipment with a single processing function have the characteristics of more complex processing shapes, higher processing accuracy, high automation, and high production efficiency.

In addition, foreign enterprises have done a lot of work in reducing equipment processing noise and improving the safety protection level of workers' operations. Many stone processing equipment is equipped with safety protection devices with a wide view and high protection level, and adopts sound absorption and noise reduction measures.

3、 Stone bridge cutting machine equipment

The stone bridge cutting machine was a regular exhibit at previous international stone exhibitions, and this Chicago exhibition is no exception. But the bridge cutting machines on display have more complete functions. In addition to additional functions such as the ability to tilt the cutting angle of the saw blade, some even come equipped with CNC machining systems or tool libraries that can automatically replace multiple machining tools, becoming small and simple CNC machining equipment with certain processing capabilities. In addition, the manufacturing process of the bridge cutting machine is very perfect, with higher appearance quality. The design of the electronic control operating system, plate positioning, and loading and unloading parts is more user-friendly, which can be referenced by domestic bridge cutting machines.

4、 Small manual stone processing equipment

In the stone machinery and equipment market in the United States, although stone processing equipment is required to have a higher degree of automation, there is also a high demand for small, portable, and manual stone processing equipment. The exhibition showcases various types, structures, and modes of movement of small stone processing equipment. A small board cutting machine with a weight of tens of kilograms that can be lifted by two people; Install circular rotary machining tools, portable equipment for cutting, forming, and polishing irregular edges of sheet metal; A portable grinding and polishing machine that uses pneumatic driven abrasive horizontal linear reciprocating vibration for grinding and polishing irregular edges of plates. In addition to the grinding and polishing characteristics of abrasive rotary models, its biggest advantage is that the abrasive is a cube with equal cross-section and a length of 2-3cm, which is much smaller than traditional rotary abrasives. Under the same carrying conditions, the operator can carry more shapes of abrasive, increasing the equipment's choice of edge processing; In addition, the volume of this machine is also lighter and more convenient to carry than the rotating tool equipment, especially suitable for individual decorators to carry and use.

5、 Auxiliary equipment and tools for stone production

The various structures and types of auxiliary fixtures supporting stone processing, as well as various types of diamonds and other types of cutting tools and abrasives for different processing purposes, are also the focus of this exhibition. The displayed tools are mainly shaped cutting tools and specialized cutting tools for irregular processing, but there are also many standard cutting tools and abrasives for stone processing displayed. From cutting, drilling, slotting, fixing holes for dry hanging components, to processing various curves and straight edges, whether forming or polishing, almost every type of stone processing can find corresponding processing tools and equipment. At the same time, high-precision auxiliary process fixtures and fixed fixtures can be found to be used in conjunction with simple and standard portable tools for various complex cutting, forming, and polishing processes; Making manual processing of relatively heavy and laborious stone materials more labor-saving, resulting in better quality and higher accuracy of processed stone products

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