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How to prevent rust and yellowing of ultra-thin board stones, and pay attention to these points when installing stones

Author:Foshan Zhongsheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2023-06-21 20:30:31

After the ultra-thin stone is processed, it enters the installation process. Due to the rich mineral content of natural stone, its iron content is unstable, and external rust seeps into the surface of the stone due to water infiltration. If the water content of the stone can be reduced, the probability of rust yellowing of the stone can be greatly reduced.

When cleaning stone sheets, avoid using acidic cleaning agents, as acidic substances can easily dissolve iron minerals in the stone, which further react with water and oxygen in the air to cause rust yellowing.

Before installing marble and granite stones, protective measures should be taken to prevent water from entering the stones, in order to avoid oxidation reactions between iron containing minerals in the stones, water, and oxygen in the air.

When renovating the surface of stone, avoid using materials and accessories that are prone to contaminating the stone, such as non rust treated lamps, air outlet guide plates, fixed fasteners, etc.

Moreover, after decoration, the worn areas of the stone cutting saw should be coated with a protective agent again to prevent rust from spreading to the surface.

If the stone is installed using a dry method, avoid the hanging parts from spreading to the surface of the stone due to rust and forming rust yellow.


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