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The Zhongsheng Machinery brand was founded in Hong Kong in 1978 and established a factory in mainland China in 1996. The founder of Zhongsheng, relying on his technical capabilities and absorbing advanced equipment design technology and concepts from Europe and America, has successively developed and manufactured numerous specialized processing equipment for many famous stone enterprises in China, such as Global Stone Group and Gaoshi Stone Group. Zhongsheng's equipment has won the favor of a large number of mid to high-end users due to its simple structure, practicality, and high quality.
Since 2010, the company has invested a huge amount of manpower, material resources, and funds based on current industry trends and development, focusing on the research and development of stone furniture tabletop equipment such as quartz stone. It has achieved significant results in CNC automation equipment and has obtained multiple national patents, especially in the polishing function of CNC tabletop processing equipment, which has made technological breakthroughs and mastered the core technology of automated polishing, In a true sense, the integration of drilling, edge grinding, and polishing functions has been achieved on a CNC machine tool, truly liberating the factory's labor force, allowing traditional production line operations such as water knife drilling, then transferring to the tedious processes of edge grinding, forming, and polishing to be integrated on a CNC equipment. It truly saves labor costs, operational and venue costs, and is safer and more efficient for the boss. Since its introduction to the market, Zhongsheng's CNC equipment has received praise and mutual recommendation from a large number of customers.
The company adheres to the principle of "user first, quality first" and sincerely welcomes customers and friends to come and negotiate business with nanny style and thoughtful service.


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