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Bridge cutting machine


Equipment Function Introduction:

1. A 7-inch large touch screen with a simple control panel design and easy operation. Foolish operation interface, employees can operate as long as they understand characters and receive simple training.

2. The workbench can be rotated 90 or 360 degrees.

3. The four guide pillars are lifted and lowered, stable and reliable.

4. The workbench is tilted 85 degrees to the upper plate.

5. Magnetic grating ruler counting, with better accuracy and more stability than traditional encoder counting.

6. Infrared laser tool alignment instrument, convenient for cutting, positioning, and alignment.

7. The layout of the electrical box is professional and reasonable, using well-known high-quality electrical components from both domestic and international sources.

8. The bearings use high-quality bearings for more stable, precise, and durable operation.

Equipment technical parameters:

Workbench area: 3200 * 2000mm

Maximum cutting thickness: 70mm

Saw blade specifications: φ 350- φ 450mm

Main motor power: 11kw

Beam traveling motor: 1.5kw

Knife rest walking motor: 1.5kw

Hydraulic station motor: 2.2kw

Bridge cutting machine
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